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Monday, January 17, 2011

Crocodile and Two Gibnuts on Belize Stamps

Click the photo for a larger image

The tiny country of Belize on the Caribbean, nestled between southern Mexico and Guatemala, has produced some the best animals stamps you will see anywhere. I have been privileged to receive a number of these stamps on mail from Sharon Matola, ultimate conservationist and founding Director of the Belize Zoo. It's always a delight because of the contents of the packet and also because of the animal stamps! On the left is Morelets's Crocodile and on the right a couple of "gibnuts," which is the Belizean name for pacas. You can read more about gibnuts on this page of the Belize Zoo's web site and here you can read about the crocodile.

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1 comment:

~Cheryl said...

Gibnuts. Now I know! I also got a kick out of the dressed up manatee! (I'm way behind in reading blogs)