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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Animal Baskets of the Embera People

Panama ~ January 7, 2006

These beautiful baskets using animal designs are made by the Embera people of Panama. See this post on Tapirgal's Daily Image for a photo of an Embera woman selling some of her village's jewelry and baskets. There is also a longer explanation about the Embera people, who live along the Chagres River and in the Darien area of Panama.

Oops. I see I posted this photo on Animal Art last June, but it was cropped differently. I love the colors and the artwork, and I'm going to leave it. I started a system once of re-naming photos to indicated that I'd used them on blog posts, but I only used it for a few days because it required going back to the original photo after I'd saved the copy elsewhere and I'd simply forget to do it. Does anyone have a great system to share for avoiding duplicate postings?

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JM said...

These are fantastic! What a collection.

Francisca said...

As soon as I saw these baskets I thought I'd already seen the photo, so I'm glad you mentioned it. Basketry is so lovely... and these are no exception.