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Monday, August 30, 2010

Snake Terrace Extraordinaire

Snake in Mosaic, Paris Playground, Tours Aillaud
Nanterre, Paris, July 2010

This wonderful photo is thanks to my blogging friend VP of Livorno, Italy. Check out his Daily Photo Stream and Livorno Daily Photo blogs. If you want some additional fun, see VP's A Bunch of Benches blog. You will be amazed :) That blog started out as a joke and was later discovered. I have no idea what the inside joke was about, but it now has a following of folks who like seeing a daily morph of the bench theme. Back to the photo above: I have not seen this gargantuan snake myself, but I can imagine how excited I'd be to find it while walking through the city. I also love the treatment of the buildings in the background. Thanks, VP!

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Francisca said...

That is indeed extraordinary! I would guess that children who get to play in this playground will overcome our collective unconscious fear of snakes! Those tall structures behind the playground - apartments? - are... uuhhh... interesting. :-)

JM said...