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Friday, May 14, 2010

Scarlet Kingsnake on a US Postage Stamp

Scarlet kingsnake on a US Postage Stamp Scarlet Kingsnake (Lampropeltis elapsoides)
South-eastern United States
U.S. Postage Stamp ~ 2003

Postage stamps are often such wonderful pieces of mini art. I've saved them for years. I don't sort and organize them, and I know nothing about stamp collecting. I always grab the cool animal stamps I see, and a few other other images, too. I use them in collages or I just keep them in a jar. Now I have another use for them . . . on this blog.

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Naturedigital said...

This is a beautiful snake Sheryl.
Wondering if it is poisonous.

Francisca said...

What a colorful snake! My brain tells me that I very recently saw another image of this kingsnake, but it won't tell me where! Argh!